Zakreśl prawidłową formę.

1. I don`t think people will/won`t live on the moon.

2. Are you going to / You going to buy a new phone?

3. I not recycled / didn`t recycle all the glass bottles.

4. You hear / will hear the great sound effects if you`ve got speakers.

5. My mum was working in a shop when she met / was meeting my dad.

6. My sister going to / is going to leave school next year.

7. If you will buy / buy a new games console, I will give you a computer game for Christmas.

8. My family always recycles / recycles always glass.

9. I won`t married / will get married when I`m older.

10. They found Tutankhamen`s tomb many years ago / ago many years.



1. will
2. are you going
3. I didn't
4. you hear
5. she met
6. my sister is going to
7. buy
8. always recycles
9. will get married
10. many years ago
3 4 3
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I don't thinh people will live on the moon.
2.Are you going to buy new phone.
3.I didn't recycle all the glass bottles.
4.You will hear the great... a shop when she met my dad.
6.My sister is going to...
7.If you will buy a new...
8.My family always recycles...
9.I will get married...
10. ...tomb many years ago.
Napisałem w skrócie ale mam nadzieje że pomogłem i prosze o max.
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