Opisz swój pokój po angielsku .
używaj :
- there is - jest , znajduje się
- there are - są , znajdują się
- next to -obok
- in front of -przed , z przodu
- under - pod
- between - pomiędzy
- in - w
- behind - za
- on - na

pomóżciee .



My room is on first floor. It is not big but very cute. There is small window, small bad, table, chair, wardrobe, TV,Computer and my console. The are also many posters and photos on the biggest wall. Next to TV is placed my Xbox360 - console. In front of the table is my pink chair. Under my bad are my socks and pants, unfortunatly. Between TV and Console is my beautiful flower. In wardrobe I have a lot of clothes and shoes. Behind door is photo of my family. On floor is colourful carpet.
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