complete the sentces with, too, enough and the words in brackets.
1.I had to pay an extra fee because my luggage was .....(heavy)
2.There weren't ..........on the bus, so many people had to stand.(seats)
3.Planes are now ..........trains. (comfortable)
4.Iprefer taking a bus to work because the train are always .......(crowded)
5.Plane tickets are sometimes just ....boat tickets.(cheap)
6.Public transport isn't ......some people to use. (convenient)
7.Electric cars are still .......for most peopl,e to buy. (expensive)
8./this train is get to London in less than three hours.(fast)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.too heavy
2.enough seats comfortable as
4.too crowded cheap as
6.convenient enough for
7.too expensive enough
2 5 2
1. too heavy
2. enough seats
3. as comfortable as
4. too crowded
5. as cheap as
6. convenient enough for
7. too expensive
8. fast enough
1 too heavy
2enough seats
3 as comfortable as trains
4 too crowded
5 as cheap as
6 enough convenient
7 too expensive
8 enough fast