A healthy diet is a diet primarily diverse. Only this can help us to provide all essential nutrients. Often we meet with the various quot;great quot; diets such as quot;Carrot diet, eating a diet consisting of almost the same protein, etc, etc. Such allowances are hundreds. Let us not be mad - these ; miracle quot;diet, the main aim to help lose weight, actually for a short time can even be effective ... but ... a healthy diet is a diet every day. A healthy diet can not rely on eating only a certain specific foods and avoiding others. This approach but the likelihood of lack of nutrients will quickly become tiresome for us and difficult for everyday use.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-the healtly hife style is very important if you want be health.
-you must eat vegetables and fruits.
-you shouldn't drink too much coffe.
-you must go on a gym.
-you can't smoking.
-If you want looks tight you must running twice a week.

- zdrowy tryb zycia jest wazny jesli chcesz byc zdrowy
- musisz jesc warzywa i owoce
- nie mozesz pic za duzo kawy
- musisz chodzic na silownie
- nie mozesz palic
- jesli chcesz wygladac szczuplo musisz biegac 2 razy w tygodniu;