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Dear (tu podajesz osobe do której piszesz podanie o pracę - jeśli jesteś lizusem napisz imię twojej pani/pana, jeśli nie podaj inną osobę),

I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised in the Times Union. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume and three references.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include:

* I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications
* I strive for continued excellence
* I provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers

With a BS degree in Computer Programming, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.

I can be reached anytime via email at (tu podaj swoj mail) or my cell phone, (tu podaj swoj telefon).

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.


(twoję imię i nazwisko tutaj)

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