My day

I usually wake up at ten to seven, then I get dressed and eat sandwiches, drinking tea.
At half past seven o’clock in bathroom I brush my teeth and comb my hair, after that I wash hands and face.
At quarter to eight I goes to school. I drive to school by car. My lesson start at eight o’clock. I finish school at half past one (sometimes I stay at school longer).
After school I go home and I have lunch. Then I do my homework and packed my backpack.
After that I go to the river with my dog.
At four p.m. I meet with my friends. Together we spend very nice time. We watch TV, eat a pizza, talk, sing, dance and listen to music.
Then I reads a very interesting newspaper or book.
At seven p.m. I eat dinner. Later I wash oneself. At nine p.m. I go sleep.

Mam nadzieję że pomogłam :) Pozdrawiam! :)
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At 7 o'clock I wake up. At 7.15 I eat breakfast. Then I go to school, at 8o'clock I start lessons. At 10 I eat second breakfast. At 16 I end school and I go home. At home I make homeworks, and I watch tv. At 18 o'clock I eat dinner, and then i go to bathroom. At 20 I go to watch a cartoon, and at 21 i go sleep.

At 7 0 clock she wakes up. At 7.15 she eats breakfast. then she goes to school, at 8 o cl, she starts lessons. at 10 she eats sec br. at 16 she ends school and she goes home. at home she makes homeworks, and watches tv. at 19 o cl she eats dinner, and then she goes to bathroom. at 20 she goes to watch a cartoon, and at 21 she goes sleep.
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