17 Rice 5 unrefined sugar & # 189 dag dag; l of milk canister milk nutmeg 3 oil (butter) pełnotłustego skondensowanego dag
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Vegetable stew
Peel and remove seeds of vegetables (zucchini, red pepper). Cut the cubes in: onion, green pepper, sausage, bacon tomatoes (peeled and sparzone the skin). The stripes: garlic, and carrots pieczarki.Cukinie wipe the friction-large oczka.Natkę fine posiekać.Na hot oil fried peppers, onions, carrots, garlic 10 minutes. If necessary, watered wodą.Po this time add the rest of the ingredients and cook until soft. Spices to taste, and at the end add chopped parsley.


* 2 medium courgettes and squash
* 5 tomatoes, salt, pepper
* 4duże cloves garlic
* 1 large carrot
* 2 medium onions
* 1/2kg peppers

* 30dag mushrooms or mushrooms from the forest
* 1/2kg sausage
* 30dag smoked bacon
* Salt, pepper, chili
* Oil
* A large bunch of parsleyJarzynowy bigos
Obieramy warzywa i usuwamy nasiona(cukinia,papryka).Kroimy w kostkę:cebulę,paprykę,kiełbasę,boczek pomidory(sparzone i obrane z skórki). W paski:czosnek,pieczarki.Cukinie i marchewkę zetrzeć na tarce-duże oczka.Natkę drobno posiekać.Na rozgrzanym oleju smażymy paprykę,cebulę,marchewkę,czosnek 10 min. W razie potrzeby podlewamy wodą.Po tym czasie dodajemy resztę składników i gotujemy do miękkości .Przyprawiamy do smaku,a na samym końcu dodajemy posiekaną natkę pietruszki.


* 2 średnie cukinie lub kabaczek
* 5 pomidorów sól,pieprz
* 4duże ząbki czosnku
* 1 duża marchewka
* 2 średnie cebule
* 1/2kg papryki

* 30dag pieczarek lub grzyby z lasu
* 1/2kg kiełbasy
* 30dag wędzonego boczku
* sól,pieprz,chilli
* olej
* duży pęczek natki pietruszki
Native duck with apples


* 1 duck fresh or frozen about the 1.5-2 weight with the kg
* 8 sour apples
* 1 spoonful of the marjoram
* 3 - 4 spoonfulfuls of the cranberry or cowberries
* 2 spoonfulfuls of oil
* 1 spoonful of the lemon juice
* sugar
* salt
* oil or the pork fat for spreading the form

Duck (frozen defrost in the refrigerator through 8 - 12 hours) clear of the excess of fat and with finger tips of fingers press breasts out - you will break in this way of the canailles being in muscles. Sprinkle the inside of the duck with the lemon juice. From means and outside rub with the salt, the pepper and the half of the marjoram. Wrap up in foil and put on 2 - 3 hours into the refrigerator. Peel 2 - 3 apples and the sort into particles. Mix with the rest of the marjoram, fill the duck, but the hole in tuszce mend. Put the duck into the greased roasting tin, sprinkle with water, put to the hot oven to 170 - 190 ° C. bake, pouring the meat with flowing fat. After 30 minutes con the squared skin out of chests of the duck and pour with the manufactured sauce. After 45 minutes turn the duck away so that she roasts from the other side. Every now and then sprinkle with the sauce. After 80 minutes make an incision with the knife in the skin between thighs and the corps (so that fat flows). If the crust of the duck nicely is already browned, cover the roasting tin with the foil and still bake 20 minutes - the duck is ready, when after the puncture a transparent juice is sailing out of it. Bore cores of remaining apples, fill means with cranberries or cowberries. Lay fruits on the metal sheet for 40 minutes before the end of baking. Leave the baked duck for 15 minutes in the excluded oven, then cut into portions and pour with the skimmed sauce. Give with apples. ;)