Napisz zdania z czasownikami: would like, would prefer, want, expect, agree, can't help, began, hate, like, prefer, look forward to, don't mind, deny, finish, fancy, interested in, talk about, good at, let, could, must, would rather, had better, make. Oczywiście do każdego czasownika osobne zdanie. Z góry dzięki



I would like this green shirt.
She would prefer coffee.
He want to be a doctor.
I expect that I win this race.
We agree with your opinion.
I can't help you with this homework.
This lesson began an hour ago.
I hate Biology and Maths.
We like going to the cinema.
My dad prefer small house than a big one.
I look forward to the holidays.
We don't mind if you can't do it.
I deny, because it's a nonsense.
I will finish this book in two weeks time.
We like fancy T-shirts.
Suzan is interested in music and film.
We might talk about sport.
He is good at tennis.
My parents let me go out.
You could clean the whole house.
I must do the homework in the evening.
I would rather play the piano.
You had better go, if you don't want to get a scolding.
I make a mistake, sorry.
1. I would like a cup of coffee
2. I would prefer to go home
3. I want this toy !
4. I exept someone else
5. I agree with your opinion
6. Sorry, I can't help you
7. It Began In Afrika
8. I hate mondays
9. I like hot milk
10. I prefer writing to speaking
11. I look forward to our meeting
12. I don't mind using computer
13. Acces deny to files
14. I must finish it
15. He fancies her
16. I am interested in Biology
17. I am talk about my new car
18. You are good at your job
19. Let me finished it
20. Could you help me ?
21 . I must do something with this muss
22 . I would rather do it alone
23. If i had better smile , I would be a journalist
24. I make music for my people