On the picture there are four dolphins in an ocean. In the backround there is a wierd white fish with black dots on him. There are some plants in the backround. The water of the ocean looks clear and clean.

No chyba tyle... mam nadzieje ze pomoglam :]
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
This picture presents sea animals. We can see four dolphins at this picture. They are grey, but they also have white bellies. There are different kinds of plants on the right. We can also see a small fish there. It is white with black dots on it. The water is bright in blue color.
In a picture are four delphines, they are very very cute. They are gray, but their abdomens are white. Near they, swim small fish. She is white and black, she has dots. In the picture are water plants. This picture is very beautiful and I like it.