My apartment is small. In a large room on the right side are the furniture and TV stands on the table. At the middle of the room stands a table and the bed beside him. Flowers decorate the room. My kitchen is right mała.Po is a fridge and stove. Against the wall facing the furniture. Kitchen is green. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom. On the right side of the bath. On the left hangs a mirror and shelf. And the wall is toaleta.Mój room is small. On the right is a desk and bed. On the table by the window is television. On the left is furniture and computer. Room is blue.
I'm living in a small flat with two rooms, kitchen and bathroom.
My room is not big but I like it, I have lovely purple walls and big bed. I like reading books so theres a bookcase. My parents room also is not very big but there's everything they need, bed, tv and computer. There's also a very colourfull pop art painting which i have gived my mum for her birthday. I like spending time in these rooms but the best is kitchen where i can cook and make food.:D

flat - mieszkanie