Write a short text describing the rules of elephant polo.

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*pitch: 100x70 m , 2 goals
*team:4 elephants , 2 people on each elephant:a driver (mahout) and player
*equipment: sugarcane sticks
*fouls: standing on the ball , hittin the opponent , dangerous play
*other rules: a maximum of 3 elephants of one team in one half of the pitch , elephant cannot lie down and block the goal

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Elephant polo players play on a pitch that is 100 m long and 70 m wide. There are two goals in the pitch and each of two teams tries to put a ball in the oponents' goal. In each team there are two elephants and on each elephant there sit two people: a driver (mahout) and a player. Equipment consists of sugarcane sticks. Standing on the ball, hitting the opponent and dangerous play are considered as fouls. In one half of the pitch there can be only three elephants together and the elephant cannot lie down and block the goal.
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