Imagine you are studying at a language school in the UK, USA or Australia. Write an e-mail to an English-speaking friend.

1. Use the questions in the Writing Help to think of ideas.

Writing Help : Getting Ideas for e-mails, letters and postcards.

- First, think about the situation you are in: Where are you? What are you doing? What is the place like?
- Think about the letter: Why are you writing? Who are you writing to? What is that person interested in?

- Think of news: What did you do yesterday/ last week? Did you enjoy it? What was it like?

2. Write your e-mail. Write about:

- your trip to the UK, USA or Australia
- the school, classes and teachers
- new friends
- a reason to finish the letter.

Remember to include linking words.

3. Check your e-mail for spelling, grammar and linking words.



Hello Kurt,
Thank you for your last e-mail. I am writing to you to tell you how I am getting on. As you probably know I am studying at a language school in London. I've already been here for three weeks and I have to admit that I miss home. However, I'm having a great time here. My new colleagues and teachers are fantastic!
The journey to England was very long and tiring. Iwas afraid to fly a plane so I went by bus. It took a lot of time to get here. As I mentioned, the people here are wonderful. Students at school are very cooperative and helpful. Teachers are friendly and very professional. Classes are small and it is easier to learn English. I'm sure that you are wondering if I have any new friends. Of course I have a few but I miss my old ones.
I have to finish now because I am going to classes. I am waiting for your e-mail. Tell me everything about you.
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