Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I think that people who spend a lot of money on their holidays believe that price is worth to pay. For them is not important how much it is but what can they see or experience. People like that focus on what can give them the explaration of the world and touchin new cultures. Whatever the costs may be the worth of new knowladge peopleget from beeing in other enviorment is always greater. I think that money is not as important as new experiences.
I think yes, because thanks for holidays people can relaxed, they can escape from normal, boring life . U can also have some fun, meet new people or discover some new places where u haven't been before . Holidays are good solutions for people, the most for people who work a lot and they have not a time between job and house for any entertainment . Thanks for holidays they can rebuild a relationship with family, they can spend great time together . Far away from normality .