* clean the bathroom,
* cook,
* do the shopping,
* hoover,
* listen to loud music,
* make the bed in the morning,
* play computer games,
* tidy my room,
* wash up.

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I don't have a lot of houseworks. Every morning i must make the bad, do the lunch to school and woke up my parents. Mondey, Thursday and Saturday are the day when i must wash the dishes, i don't like it. Of course i had good work in home. I can play computer games, watch tv, read books and i must do the homework and learn. Thet's all of my houseworks.
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My daily duty at home is clean the bathroom. I have to frequently wash dishes. I make the bed in the morning. I tidy my room when is it a mess. I also often Vacuum
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I have to clean the bathroom.
I have to cook.
I mustn't listen to loud music.
I mustn't play computer games.
I have to tidy my room.