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Ricky Martin, of which a real name is Enrique Martin Morales was born on 24 December 1971 in Portoryko. For six years, he oneself into a few advertisements and is taking singing lessons and of comedy in order to improve one's gifts as the actor and the singer. In 1984 he stopped the team of boys by "menudo". Quickly he became the leader of this group and he is adored by all girls in the country in the sequence of five years stayed in the group left in 1989. He moved to Mexico, where is dividing his time between of series of the TV and the musician and published her first solo picture album in 1991. In 1993 she published her second picture album and "General Hospital" got the role in series which for him the great success got in the United States. In 1995 and of the revelation, that Ricky or crosses of everyone borders and worldwide under the title "Maria". The machine is started Ricky Martin and nothing little in order to stop one of his titles from the football world championships 1998 became flagship. In 99 she published the picture album in the English in order to line the North American market, success of the mission, reached the album tops of sale. He results of endless World Tour and little impact of depression during which Ricky with key to drugs. But, of him hip-swaying and of him unique frimousse made Ricky Martin leading Latin wave. Entering confirmed mums 2005 new album "Life" in the English, and twelve works nice tied in other style (world music) what made so far, but better. Ride on the wave of the success, Ricky Martin dismissed "Blanco y Negro Tour" in 2007 and plate "17" in 2008
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