I bought BRILLIANT dress yesterday.

There was big FLOOD in Poland in 1997.

JELLYFISHES live in the ocean.

The Emma HURRICANE had hit the Europe last year.

I dream of CRUISE on the Carribean Sea.

I have never seen a REINDEER in wild.

There are lots of SEAWEED in Baltic Sea.

My friend can paint a beautiful SCENERIES.

The show was SPECTACULAR
This film was brilliant and amazing!
Last cruise was tragic for many people.
In Haiti there is now very big flood.
Jellyfish is one of the most dangerous animals of the world.
Hurricane destroy everything, what they meet on their way.
The most popular reindeer is called Rudolph.
Some seeweeds are used for produce cosmetics.
Decorations and scenery on this spectacle are beautiful.
Show which I saw yesterday was so spectacular.

Brillant: this car is brillant-to auto jest genialne

flood: former flood in wroclaw-we Wrocławiu była powudź

hurricane: it is in america hurricanes outsized-w ameryce jest bardzo dużo huraganów

reindeer: reindeer live in Laponia-renifery żyją w Laponi

seaweed: There is in sea a lot seaweed-w morzu jest dużo wodorostów

scenery: it is in my house scenery a lot-w moim domu jest dużo dekoracji

spectacular: this projection was spectacular-ten występ był spektakularny

sorry że nie dałem tych dwóch;)