Napisz notatkę o koledze. Pomogą ci te punkty.(nie za krótkie)

1.How did you first meet?
2.What was your first impression of them?
3.What do you like about them?
4.What don't you like about them?
5.What do you have in common?
6.How do you differ?
7.Why did you become such chose friends?
8.What do they look like?
9.What kind of clothes do they wear?
10.What's their family like?
11.What are their hobbies
-interest and abilities?
12.What do you do and what do you talk about when you are together?
13.Will you be friends for life?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I want to say something about my friend, Warcisław (czy jakieś tam imię). We have met on the school party. He looked like a crafty, crabbed person. That's because he is very tall and well-build. He wears spot slothes and look like a boxer or something. didn't want to meet him, but my cousin wanted me to. So i agreed. Warcisław proved to be a very calm and kind person. I like such people. He is also crazy sometimes. I admire his intelligence and humour. But I don't his carelessness. You know, he is intelligent, but he is very lazy, so he don't do his homework often. And he's always late for the meeting! But, luckily, he try to be a better person.
We both love anime. We can spend days on watching the japaneese cartoons (zmień sobie zajecie jak ci będzie pasowało)! I hope we''l go on cosplay party one day! Warcisław is really keen on it! And he can draw anime characters bautifully. I can't. I'm not so talented. And not so keen on sports... He loves horse-riding, running, swimming and so on. I hate those activities! Doing sports outdoor? No, thanks! I would rather sit at home and watch TV!
I like his family. He has got a little sister, Rzepicha. She's so sweet! His father is very funny. He tells us nice jokes. His mother is more calm. She is always quiet. I am a bit scared of her.
I hope that Warcisław and I wil be friend for life. But it's difficult. He want to study in London, and I dream of studies in Warsaw. I'll miss him.