Jak sie to poprawnie czyta?In a poor district near Lima a young man steps out of his home - a tiny house with a plastic roof. He looks up at the morning sky. Another day with no sunshine. The weather has been terrible recently. He can't remember the last time he saw the sun. Heavy grey clouds fill the sky and his heart feels cold with sadness. There's no sunshine when she's gone he thinks. There's only darkness every day. And she hasn't called for so long. He wonders if she's gone for ever. He tries to imagine life without her. What if she stays over there in Madrid cleaning the houses of the rich?

He turns as he hears a noise one of the children is waking up. They miss her so much. The house just isn't a home without her. Every day they ask him, When is mama coming home? And what can he say? One day. Soon, my baby. And why isn't she here, Papa? Why?Bacause they need the money, and there are no jobs, and over there she can earn in a day what you earn here in a month. It isn't easy to feed five hungry children. But it isn't easy for them to live without their mother either.

He sighs. Time to wake them up and get them ready for school. He knows many people who send their children to work, to wash cars or tobeg, but she has always said that her children must het an education.

But it's hard. He misses her too. He misses her smile, her voice, the songs she sins even when things look black. And he knows she loves him. But why hasn't she called? Perhaps she's forgotten them. Perhaps she's decided to stay there. Perhaps she's found someone else. He feels like crying, but he can't. Not in front of the children.

A dog starts barking. He turns back to the house start another day.

Suddenly, a ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds and lights up the doorway just as Veronica steps through the door. He feels the warm sun on his back. The little girl has just woken up and is rubbing sleep from her eyes. She looks so like her mother. She yawns and he hears her mother's voice. He hears his name, Nacho!Nacho! Is Veronica speaking? Behind him he hears footsteps. He turns round. The sun is too bright and he can't see clearly. He puts his hand up to his eyes, and then thinks, I haven't woken up! I'm still dreaming! But then Veronica shouts out, Mama! And he knows that sometimes dreams come true.



Podaj słówka ktorych wymowy nie jestes pewna i Ci napiszę wymowę, bo nie ma sensu całego tłumaczyć :) pzdr :)