Sprawdź zdania :)
Prosze napisać jak bedzie chociaż jakiś drobny błąd ; ]


Sylwia is polite and funny.


My mother reading books in free time.
My father name is .... and works in institution energetistic.


My name is .... and I’m is 14 yours old.
I’m medium-height and blue eyes.
I like wearing sports clothes for example: trainers and jumpers.


My friend name is ...
She is 14 years old and she is a teenager.
She Has long, curly and dark hair.
She is friendly and helpful.

I usually visit friends, in my free time.
I often surf the Internet, in my free time.
I from time to time watch TV, in my free time.
I usually listen to music, in my free time.
I sometimes go to the cinema, in my free time.



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2. My mother reads books in free time
My father's name is ... and he works in an energetic institution.

3. My name is... and I'm 14 years old
I’m medium-height and I have blue eyes.

4. My friend's name is...

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