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Put the verbs in brackets in the passive

Milions of aspirins ... (take) every yar by people all around the world. The drug ... (find) in the leaves of the willow tree. They ... (discover) to bd good for pain by the Greek doctor Hippocrates in about 400 BC. The pill, aspirin. ... (develop) by the German chemist, Felix Hoffman, in 1899. Nowdays, it ... (use) for everythin from headaches and flu to stopping heart attacks.

Glass ... (produce) for the first time in century. The idea for contact lenses ... (think) of by Leondardo Da Vinci in 1508, but the first lenses ... (not invent) until 1887. Now, lenses or glasses ... (wear) by over 60% of Americans



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(take) - are taken
(find) - is found
(discover) - discovered
(develop) - was developed
(use) - is used

(produce) - was produced
(think) - were thought
(not invent) - weren't invented
(wear) - are worn