-What are you doing now?
-I'm listening music, are you?
-I must go to pot office and sending pack
-To who this pack?
-For my best friends Kate.
-Aha...How about I go with you for post office ?
-Yes, it great idea
-And next we are going for icea crem
-Yes I like icea c cream...
-Ohh noo,
_Whats wrong?
-I'm forgeting about stamp on my pack
-Don't worry I have a stamp and a can give you
-Thanke you very much
-Your welcome

Myśle ze to moze byc ;p
Lucky: Hi!
Johan: Hi!
Lucky: Where are you going?
Johan: I'm going to the post office.
Lucky: What's in this great package ?
Johan: These are things for poor families, ktrych I no longer use.
Lucky: That perhaps I will add something of themselves.
Johan: I would be very grateful.
Lucky: It's wait to go home, look for these things and come to you.
Johan: I'm in a cafe around the corner.
Lucky: Well.
After thirty minutes.
Lucky: I am already.
Johan: It's great we can go.
After sending the package.
Johan: This can go for coffee.
Lucky: Very happy.