Podczas wizyty w restauracji zostałeś niemile potraktowany przez kelnera, a jedzenie ci nie smakowało. Napisz list do właściciela, w którym:
1. Przedstawisz się i opiszesz kiedy sytuacja miała miejsce
2. Opiszesz swoją rozmowę z kelnerem i wyjaśnisz, co ci się nie podobało
3. Poprosisz o zwrot kosztów za obiad i rekompensatę.
4. Poproś o szybką odpowiedź i podaj kontakt

min 120 słówek
bardzo pilne na dziś :P



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Sir or Madam,
I have to tell you about my visit in your restaurant. I was a guest of the Orbis Hotel onThursday, January 26, 2006 I was a quest of the restaurant. Together with my friends, we came there at 7 pm. The cloth on my table was dirty. I asked the waiter to change it, but he said that it was not his duty. I decided to eat crab soup and a duck stuck with apples. Moreover the glasses were not cleaned properly.The potatoes were half raw. I called the waiter and told him about it, but he replied that we are very irritating customers and he didn't want to talk to us. I decided to leave this place. He did not want me to leave without paying a bill! He seemed not to understand that I ate nothing and was truly disappointed with the service.
I hope you will answer this letter. My contact is :709 278 726.
With regards

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Dear sir or madame
I want to express my strong dissatisfaction with the service I received during a visit to your restaurant on May 2nd May.
The service was rather slow and the waiter was rather impolite.The waiter had heard me correctly , he proceeded to bring us the wrong starters .Could you pay back my money for dinner and recompense.Please do something about it quickly and this is my number :11984789392569
Yours faithlully
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