Big Ben - the clock tower in London (United Kingdom).

The name originally referred to the bell tower of St. Stephen (called Tower of St. Stephen), also known as The Clock Tower (called the Clock Tower), belonging to the Palace of Westminster. Currently, the name Big Ben refers often to both bell and clock tower and the same.The construction of this neo-Gothic tower was taken immediately after a significant part of the Palace burned down October 16, 1834 year. Preserved only 900-year-old Westminster Hall and Chapel of the Holy. Stephen.

Designers were among others Charles Barry and his assistant Augustus W. Pugin. Reconstruction lasted until 1858. In its present form the palace has 1,200 rooms and three kilometers of corridors. Refrigerant hoses tower stood on the thick foundation of 15 m². Is 96.3 m in height, and the shield clock is 5 meters in diameter. The tower spiral staircase leads of up 334 degrees.Motion clock was chosen through a competition. The guidelines, which had to meet the project developed Astronomer Royal Sir George Airy. Their main aim was to precise timing (one second), which was to be coordinated with the time wybijanym the observatory at Greenwich. Twice a day, by telegraph called give time to the observatory, and there to check and send the coordinates. Such a clock was built by Edmund Beckett's barb, and the company EJ Dent & Co. in 1854.
Globe Theatre - in polish Pod Kulą Ziemską, theatre in London acting in 1599-1642, formed by R. and C. Burbage. One of the shareholders was William Shakespeare. There have been exhibited and the premiere of his works of art Ben Jonson and J. Webster. The actors were only men. Theater was built in 1599 year. Burned in a fire in 1613, rebuilt in 1614 year. Through the intervention of the Puritans was closed in 1642, it was demolished two years later. The building was reconstructed and opened in 1997. The Globe was the amphitheater, which could fit 3000 people. He had a circle shape. Roof (located just above the stage) used to support columns, ceiling, called "heavens", was painted in such a way as to resemble the sky. On the roof of the opera "The Globe" was a huge statue of Hercules on his shoulders carrying the globe. Over the entrance read: "Totus mundus agit Histrion," which translates as: "The whole world plays a role."