Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My dream school. In school there (is) nice and pleasurable atmosphere. All students are cheerful, happy and satisfied with the assessments. Teachers always have time for their students and respond to each question. They have a lot of knowledge in the field are always well przygotowani.Nauczyciele are generous, kind and friendly. Lead interesting (interesting) lekcje.Nikt is bored. The dream school boys and girls should learn that it is argued osobno.Za with Chłopacy can better concentrate on lessons because they do not always think about girls. When girls are taught separately, May better assess and demonstrate greater interest in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and German. For that, boys and girls should not learn together in mixed classes, it is argued that girls are afraid to that they will be ridiculed. Do not present themselves and prefer to say nothing at all.