Kto mi napisze widokówkę z wakacji ?? ;P

tylko , zeby była podobna do tej pod spodem :D ;

Dear Tom ,

Greetings from Spain . I'm staying with my parents at a beautiful hotel. The weather is wonderful . It's hot and sunny , all the time. My dad is swimming in the clear sea and my mum is sunbathing. I'm sitting and drinking cold orange juice . What is the weather like in Poland ? It's sunny ?

Love ,
Gienia x D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear John,
Greetings from Madrit! It's hot and I'm having the time of my live!
The town is great. I've already visited the Prado Museum and I like it a lot. I must say I'm not too happy with the food. I hate seafood and dislike paella. But never mind. What are you up to? Hope your holidays are just as great!