Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the 2020 I will be great doctor. I'm going to work in hospital in London. Perhaps I will have big family. I'm going to have 3 children, but maybe I will have more. I'm going to have handsome husband. We will live in the beautiful city- London. Every holiday we will leave from Madrid, Spanish or Poland ;)
I'm going to visit all world. We will have two dogs and cat. Perhaps I will be psychology too. I'm going to help people in all ages. I'm going to play volleyball and football. The weekend my family will spend time together. We will ride a horse, do shopping and plays. I'm going to visit China beacuse I would like to meet this culture. But at the moment I must study, beacuse I must know many languages. I'm going to pass my matura and go for university. I'm going to be happy person!