Describe these jobs , use the cues and can , cant, have to or not have to

magicians-practise a lot , talk very much, make mistakes, have an assistant

teatre actors - get up late, work in the morning, learn texts by heart , forget their lines

pop stars- have good voices, work every day, wear strange clothes, sing out of tune

comedians- be boring , tell jokes, be good-looking, make funny faces



Magicans have to practise a lot of trics and talk very much. They can't make mystakes although they can have an assistant.

teatre actors not have to get up late but have to work in the morning and learn texts by heart. they can't forget their lines

pop stars have to have (powinno byc should have ale nie mam tego uzywac) good voices and have to work every day. they can wear strange clothes but can't sing outo of tune

comedians can't be boring, they have to tell jokes and be good-looking and also they can make funny faces
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