Ułóż zdania, proste ale i logiczne i zrozumiałe z wykorzystaniem słów ... xd

1. beneath - pod (np. powierzchnią wody)
2. buds - (płatek)
3. durning - (podczas)
4. pile up ( gromadzić sie, w sensie w góre)
5. enormous - (ogromny, nieprzeciętny )
6. inseparble - (nierozłączni)
7. accompany (towarzyszyć)
8. rendors - (służby porządkowe )



1. The shark is swimming beneath the surface of water.
2. Buds of this flower are not fully opened.
3. During doing my homework I wasn't concentrated.
4. It's autumn, birds are pilling up.
5. Perhaps, Yeti, enormous monster really exists.
6. They are inseparable.
7. My friend accompanied me.
8. Rendors are really needed in my city.
1. He is beneath water. He is diving now.
2. wg mnie buds to pąki ale niech będą płatki//I like beautiful buds.
3. During the competition I saw very talented people.
4. Rubbish in our class pile up very fast!
5. That planet is enormous.
6. Lisa like Leila very much - they are inseparble.
7. Marching band accompanies the Queen on this official occassion.
8. Rendors protect people in the city.