"new inspiration" Student's book elementary 2 "2009rok"
Write sentences using the pastsimple + because + past continous.

Jack/not see the accident/he/look at the London Eye.
Jack didn't see the accident because the was looking at the London Eye.

1.Sally/see the accident/shestand behind bn
2.Ben/fall overboard/he/try to rescue his cap
3.Tomek and Gabi/not play tennis/it/rain
4.Jack/have a hot shower/he/feel cold
5.Sally/not dance/her feet/hurt



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Sally saw the accident because she was standing behind Ben.
Ben fell overboard because he was trying to rescue his cap.
Tomek and Gabi didn't play tennis because it was raining.
Jack had a hot shower because he was feeling cold.
Sally didn't dance because her feet were hurting.

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