Complete the sentences with the Present simple or Present continuonus form of the verbs in brackeis
1.alan....(have)a fantastic time in Warsaw
2.......(rain)in Manchester?
3.I hear you.......(stay)at carol"s house this week.
4.helen and Rolf.....(study)at Cambridge University.
5.Sarah....(behave)very strangely today.
6. My aunt oflen.....(phone) me at the weekend.
7.We....(work)in Madrid this month.
8.I always....(drink)coffe in the morning
9.I don"t know why he.....(talk)to you at the moment.
10.She hardly ever....(eat)vegetables or fruit.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Alan is having(have)a fantastic time in Warsaw.
2 Is it raining (rain)in Manchester?
3.I hear you are staying (stay)at Carol's house this week.
4.Helen and Rolf study (study)at Cambridge University.
5.Sarah is behaving (behave)very strangely today.
6. My aunt often phones(phone) me at the weekend.
7.We are working(work)in Madrid this month.
8.I always drink(drink)coffe in the morning.
9.I dont know why he is talking (talk)to you at the moment.
10.She hardly ever eats(eat)vegetables or fruit.