I have to the name (TWOJE IMIĘ). I have (TWÓJ WIEK) of years. I walk to the class (KLASA). A hamburger is my favourite dish. Very much I like to meet with friends, because then we can have a word with oneself and great play. I am interested in a volleyball. . I often go shopping with friends. My mum has (WIEK MAMY) of years. I am loving her very much, because great I am reaching an agreement with her. The Dad is mine (ZAWÓD TATY). He has to the name (IMIĘ TATY). I am nice with girl. Mathematics is my favourite subject. I like to count various tasks. In the future I would like to be a teacher of mathematics. I am also interested in me history. Our teacher is very cool. He is talking in a interesting way. I think that I am a cool and good girl.