I spend my time with my parents good. My mum was telling me how to cook a cake, my dad needs a help then i help him, then they was helping me with my homework. whem we had freetime we were playing cards, a i won, i was really happy. I really like spends time with my family becouse its lots of fun.

Mam nadzieje ze pomogłam jeżeli chcesz tłumaczenie to napisz mi na priv i wtedy będziesz miał. ;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Very much I often see my grandfathers since they live from my house and very much for this reason I am pleased with 20 m. I adore, when in the summer my grandfather is taking me to mushrooms. He is a really fairly good collector. Into one hour he is able to collect the entire basket of mushrooms. With my grandmother I adore to cook. Regret that you didn't try our dumplings filled with meat, yum-yum. He sometimes also helps me with homeworks from mathematics. Thanks to her I am getting good marks. Very much I am pleased that I have such wonderful grandfathers, I would never exchange them on other.

Mam nadzieję ,że pomogłam : )
i prosszę o najj : **