Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If my friends ale at home, I'll meet them.
If you don't save money, you want go to Warsaw.
Will you sell a house if you more out ?
You'll miss a bus if you don't get up at 7o'clock.
I'll take a photo if I have camera.
I won't go to the cnocert if Iam ill.
If she is late, we'll go without her.
If the phone rings, answer it.
If we stay a bit longer. We'll miss last train home.
If you don't wear tour coat, you'll catch a cold.
If you don't eat breakfast, you'll be hungry later.
If you don't travel to India, you'll don't see the Taj Mahal.
If you are hungry, make a sandwich.
If I lost my house keys, I'll call my mum.
If I have time today, I'll answer my e-mails.
If my friends forgot my birthday, I'll be sad .
If you look in the fridge, you'll find some orange juice.
Of you turn left at the traffic lights, you'll see on your left a castle.
If we don't leave now, we'll be late !
You'll love this competition if you care about the environment.