Write relative pronouns in the gaps. put - when whe pronoun is not nesesery. ;)
a boy band is a pop group 1....... members are young male singers and dancers. boy bands are often put together by menagers or producers 2........ select good-looking boys with dancing and singing skills. the 1990s was period 3....... most boy bands were created. an important thing is the group's image 4..... is created and controlled by their menagers. they decide about the clothes 5...... the group wears and promotial materials 6......... are published in teen magazines. each member of the group is given a role 7.... they have to perform, such as 'the bad boy', or 'the nice boy.

bardzo prosze ;) nie chce mi sie robic a mam na jutro xd



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1. whose
2. who
3. when
4. which
5. which
6. which
7. which
5 4 5