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Tu macie informacje:
-The Beatles took the top five places in the TOP Ten charts in April 1964.
-10,000 screaming fans met The Beatels when they landed at JFK airport on their second US tour in 1965.
-Over 50,000 people went to the Shea Stadium in New York and saw The beatles in concert.
-When a 17-year-old girl wrote to a Nwe York magazine and asked for a penfriend who was interested int The Beatles, she got 4000 replies.
-Fans spend $50 million a year on Beatles souvenirs.

A to jest zadanie(odpowiedzieć na pytania, informacje znajdują się w tekście powyżej ;P )

b) Answert the questions about The Beatles
1. How many Beatles records were in the Top Ten in April 1964?
2. Where did The Beatles land on their US tour and where did they play?
3. How many New York teenagres answered the penfriend letter?
4. How much money did fans spend in one year on Beatles souvenirs?

Ponumerujcie odpowiedzi, jeśli możecie ;) Dzięki z góry. ;*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 There were 5 records
2 Landed at JFK airport and played at Shea Stadium in New York
3 4000 people answered to the penfriend letter.
4 Fans spend 50 million dollars a year on Beatles souvenirs