In this picture we see a happy woman dressed in a blouse Zulte. Probably coming back from shopping bags prove that this holds in his hands. do 1
In this picture we see a group of teens who collects garbage in the area of the forest. It is beautiful weather. do 2
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Obrazek numer 1
In this picture I can see a woman. She is walking on the street.
The wonam is wearing yellow blouse and timer.
She has got long, brown and curly hair. I suppose she is happy because she is smailing. The wonam is holding many bags. In the background i can see a big building.

Obrazek numer 2
In this picture i can see many people.They are on the country and they are cleaning rubbish from there. Everyone are holding blue rubbish bags. They are wearing casual clothers. On the firstground are two people. The boy by right side is wearing blue jeans, baggy dark sweatshirt and rucksack. I suppose they are volunteers and they work for ecology organisation.