Napisz list do Mrs Sanders: Podziękuj za list oraz napisz kiedy przyjeżdżasz i odpowiedz w nim na pytania:"What time are you arriving at Gatwick airport? Do you have a mobile phone? Could you also tell me a few more things about yourself? Is there anything you can't eat or drink? Do you smoke? Do you want a single room, or do you prefer to share a room with another student? Are you going to go back to Russia immediately after the end of the course? If not, how many more days are you going to stay with us?"

Proszę rozwiązanie przesłać jak najszybciej w jak najłatwiejszej formie angielskiej. Dziękuję :) ;*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello, Mrs. Sanders!

Thank You for Your letter. I will arrive by bus tomorrow, at 5:30 PM. You can always phone me, my number is <TU JAKIŚ NUMER>. I will bring my books with me - i love reading! I also will have my mp3 player, so i can listen to music. Music is the best recipe for problems, you know. I can eat everything, but i can not drink coffee and alcohol. I also don't smoke, so don't buy me any cigarettes! I strongly prefer single room, as I'm peaceful person. I think i will go back to Russia immediately after the course, becouse i have family waiting there for me. But i hope I'll have great fun with You!

Love, XXX.