Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Caroline is taller than Mike.
2. Margaret is more clever than me.
3. This skirt is better.
4. Here is colder than there.

w stopniu najwyższym:
1. I'm the best.
2. She is the most beautifull girl I've ever seen.
3. Living room is the biggest room in my house.
4. Einstein was the cleverest person all over the world.

jeżeli tego nie rozumiesz mogę Ci wytłumaczyć;)
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Stopien wyższy:

John is friendlier then Mark
You are taller then me
Summer is hotter then Winter
I'm better then you in English

stopien najwyższy

Sue is more attractive then Julie
Tigers is more dengerous then horses
Horror films are more exciting then disaster
Fruit is more healthy then junk food
2 1 2