Dear XYZ,
thank you very much for e-mail. It is very nice to know how you look. I am tall and slim, i have long blond curly hairs and blue eyes. My friends tell me im pretty. I like to eat pudding and cakes, i love sweet things but i can not eat to much, i have to keep fit. It is sad. I play voleyball and love running, i am pretty good at spotrs, i allways go to gym when i have some free time, i do not like watching tv,it make me bored. I work at school and love kids. I hope them love me too. I am trying to do my best. It is not well payed job but i do not know any thing better for me. Im waiting for your next e-mail.
Love XYZ.

(cos kolo 130 slow jest)
Dear Alison
Im writting to you because I would like you to know something about me.
Well, My name is Peter, I'm 18 years old. I have got short, brown hair and blue eyes. My hobby is horse rideing and I do it in my free time. Secound thing what i like is reading books. Last summer I spend on the country where I worked at stable with horses. I cleaned them and I gave them food in the mornimg, afthernoon aln evening. It wos anazing job. Now I work in a shop with mobile phones and I give advice to customers about gadgets.
I'll hope you send me massage. See you soon.
Love, Peter