Odpowiedz poprawnie na pytania

1.What's your favourite food?
2.What fast food do you like?
3.How often do you eat fast food?
4.How do you feel when you eat fast food?
5.Have you got a healthy diet?
6.Have you got a health lifestyle?Why?Why not?

ma byc to dobrze daje najlepsza



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. My favourite food is vegetables bacause are halthy.
2.I don't like fast food because it has got fat. albo 2. I like eat chrisps witch fish bacause it si chip.
3.Usually I eat fast food when I come back witch my frienda after school.
4.When I eat fast food i feel wery well because I'm slim and i don't worry about my shape.
5.Yes i hava a halthy diet bacause I eat many vegetables and fruits.
6.yes I have halthy lifestyle bacause my diet is good and I practise many sports.
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1. My favourite food is pizza.(moje ulubione jedzenie to pizza.)
2.I like hamburgers.(lubie hamburgery.)
3.I eat fast food ones a week.(jem fast food raz w tygodniu.)
4.When I eat fast food I feel to I doing bad, but I like him very much.(kiedy jem fast food czuje ze źle robię ale bardzo go lobię.)
5.No, I haven`t because I eat fast food.(nie, nie mam ponieważ jem fast food.)
6.No, I haven`t because I eat bad food. But I want to change it and have health lifestyle.(nie, nie mam ponieważ jem złe jedzenie.Ale ja chce to zmienić i mieć zdrowy styl życia.)