Musze napisac niedluga pocztowke po angielsku do kolegi.
Ma byc to pocztowka opisujaca moj pobyt na wakacjach ale ma byc zawarte w tresci ze mi sie kompletnie nie podobalo.
Nie piszcie mi ze mam sam sobie napisac bo juz pocztowke napisalem tyle ze mi sie kompletnie podobalo na wakacjach za co dostalem 1 bo mialem napisac ze mi sie nie podobalo
Kompletnie nie wiem jak to napisac.
Musze uzyc takich wyrazen jak:
absolutely awful-okropny
very stressful-stresujacy
cold and wet
miserable-mierna , brzydka , marna



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Wear Tom,

Greetings from Cairo! The weather is very hot here and I'm having a wonderful time. I'm staying with my friend, Omar. He lives in the centre of Cairo. I've been here since Monday and I've already done lots of things. I've already visited the Khan al-Khalili bazaar. We visted it on Tuesday. I brought some lovely handmade souvenirs there. I have also seen the Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza. I saw them yesterday. They were amazing. I even rode a camel. It was fun! Cairo is a fantastic city - you must visit it one day! Anyway, I'm returning to England on Sunday next week, so I'll call you then.

Best wishes