Hi. I want to describe my day. At 8.00 o'clock i get up and eat breakfast. After breakfast i go to school. I come back to home at 13.00 and then I eat dinner. After dinner i playing computer. At .15.00 I go out for a walk with my dog. After walk I meet with my friends. I come back to home at 19.00. I eat supper and go bed.
My day is very straight. Morning about 6 I am getting up, I am eating the breakfast and I am going to wash myself. Póżniej, if is sufficing me I am doing the time lesson or when I don't have homeworks I am studying (something will always be found). Póżniej I am cleaning the room and I am going out, I occupy the approach to the school for me some 15 minutes. About 8 are starting for me lesson, and about 11 I am usually having dinner in the school canteen. About 15 I am getting back home, and about 23 I am lying down to sleep.. still every day..

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