Napisz o swojej ulubionej koleżance po Angielsku.
trzeba napisać o :
- Where and when did you meet this person ?
- When did you become friends ?
- How often do you see your friend ?
- What do you like doing together ?
proszę, jak się da by przetłumaczyć trochę na J.polskie.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Magda is my best friend. This is my same age. We know "how bald horse." Being taught in primary school to them. John Paul II ............ She lives with her sister and parents ........... Magda is a slim teenager. It has short, blond hair and blue eyes.He dresses very nicely and tastefully. Carefully chosen colors and dress for the occasion. Most dressed in sports: jeans, jacket and shirt. Is smiling, sociable. It is very nice and a gentleman. It is polite and helps those in need. You can refer to the problem. Has very ambitious plans for the future, her dream is to become a fashion designer. Magda is an exemplary student. He is interested in physics and history. Always gets the same on Friday and is one of the best students in the classroom. Is very talented. Nice draws, often watch volleyball on TV.She likes to sleep is so long. sleepyhead. Magda has also drawbacks. Sometimes complain and then simply stop to listen to her. From time to time can be no reason to offend. It is very stubborn and sometimes it is mischievous to others. Often it's not wanted, or sometimes slug. Despite its flaws, I believe that is a wonderful person. I am very happy that I poznałyśmy. I wish everyone such a friend.

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