A więc musi to być jakieś krótkie opowiadanie na temat np. paliła się szkoła:P
Może to być prawda lub może to być wymyślone.
W tej pracy trzeba odpowiedzieć na 8 pytań tak żeby łączyły się one w zdania ale zeby to miało sens:
1.Where were you?
2.What were you doing?
3.What happened?
4.What was your reaction?
5.What happened next?
6.Where did you go/Where were you taken?
7.What happened in the end?
8.How did you feel afterwards?

Musze to mieć na 23.10.2009 na godz. 10.30
PROSZE O POMOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHA minimum 12 zdań



It was autumn, stormy night Just after midnight. I was alone at home, because my parents went for an exotic trip. I didn’t suppose anything bad, I locked the door as usual and had gone to bed, because I hadn’t felt well after difficult day at school.

Suddenly, I heard some strange noise, after a brief pause I heard broken glass, I woke up immediately. I took my mobile and started to creep downstairs. My heart was beating in enormous speed, my breath was fast and irregular. “Be cold-blooded” I whispered to myself. While walking downstairs I was trying to call police, but nobody answered at the same time I saw a robber, who was dressed in black and had leather gloves.

I run away to my bedroom and locked the door carefully. Doing my best to be silent, I tried to call the police again, but still nobody answered. With desperation I looked out though the window and I saw a security agency sticker on my neighbor’s wall. With shaking hands, I dialed this number and when I heart gentle voice in my phone, I took a deep breath and described was happening and a woman promised to sent somebody in a minute.

Fortunately, 5 minutes later came three beefy men and arrested the robber. After a while came the police and heard me. They told me it was dangerous thief, who they were looking for few months. I became much more scared in this moment, then before. All in all, it was all like a bad dream, which unfortunately was true.
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