1. What she did this week?
2. Have you ever flew by plane?
3. Recently I wrote a letter
4 We have never met a tiger
5 She's never seen this movie

1. Co ona zrobila w tym tygodniu?
What did she made in this week?

2. Czy ty kiedykolwiek leciales samolotem?
Have you ever flow by the plain?

3. Wlasnie napisalem list.
I have just wrote a letter.

4 My nigdy nie spotkalismy tygrysa.
We never meet tiger.

5 Ona jeszcze nie widziala tego filmu
She did not see this film yet.
1. What she was doing last week.
2. Did you ever fly the areo plane?
3. I wrote just letter.
4. We never met tiger.
5. She never seen this film yet.