Uzupełnij poniższe dialogi, tak aby były prawdziwe w odniesieniu do ciebie .

1. JANET : When I'm at home I usually wear my favourite denim dungarees and a checked shirt . Sometimes I just stay in my blue and white striped pyjamas ... What about you ? What do you wear when you don't go out all day ??
You : ______________________________

2.DAVID : When I go to school , I usually wear a plain black T-shirt,blue jeans and a jacket.On vary cold days I wear my favourite petterned jumper.What about you ?? What do you wear for school ??
You : _______________________________

3.SUSAN : When I go to a party, I usually put on a colourful skirt,a smart top and high heels.What do you wear when you go to a party ?
You : ______________________________



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. YOU: When I don't go my home I wear my favourite tracksuit or my colour pyjamas with the little monkey :)

2. When is warm I wear my favourite top or t-shirt, jeans or trousers from the tracksuit and my sport shoes.
When is cold i wear my black jacket, hooded sweatshirt, hat and warm boots.

3. When I'm going to the party I'm dressing strapped top, short skirt and shoes on the heel . Sometimes I'm dressing shorts, comfortable blouse and sport shoes.
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