Zwracam się szczególnie do tych,którzy mają książkę ,,new inspiration'' mianowicie chodzi mi o zadanie 7 i 11 ze str 23...
7) dopasuj nazwy ubran do ilustracji....
11) Ułóż pytania i odpowiedzi dotyczące ponizszych przedmiotow:alarm clock
gigital camera
watch Proszęę chociaż o 11 !! i o szybką odpowiedz ;)))
Z góry dzieki!!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Did you set up your alarm clock?
No, I didn't. I'll do it soon.

Why your bag is so dirty?
It fell off into the mud.

Have you read this book yet?
No, I haven't.

Can you give me this calculator, please?
Yes, sure. Here you are.

How do I look in this cap?
Nice, you should wear it tonight!

How much does digital camera cost?
About 500zl.

Where is my key?
On the table.

Where's my pen?!
You must have lost it.

Is this mobile phone new?
Yes, I got it from my mum on my birthday. :)

What did you pack into your rucksack?
Only necessery things.

Have you got any umbrella?
Yes, we aren't going to get wet.

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Have you ever seen my new bag?
No I haven't seen your bag

Do you know where is my book?
Yes I know it's on the desk

Where can i buy new calculator?
I don't know maybe in the school shop!

Do you see my cap?
Yes it is very cool!

Maybe I will take my new digital camera to the school trip?
Yes you are right why not?

I can't find my key ! Did you see them?
Sorry I didnt see !

Can you lend me your pen?
Yes I can

Can I use my phone in classroom?
No you can't !

Do I have to take my rucksack?
Yes you have to take tou rucksack !

Have you ever seen my purple umbrella?
Yes I have it's cool!

Jakbyś potrzebował tłumaczenia to pisz na prywatne ;D