Witam wszystkich !!
Bardzo proszę o zrobienie mi tego w jak najszybszym czasie.
Oczywiście proszę, żeby robiła to osoba, która to umie.
Chcę, żeby tam znalazło się tam max. kilka błędów :).
Najlepiej jak wszystko będzie dobrze.
Prace mozesz mi odesłać na mail'a lub GG.
Mail: [email protected]
GG: 9516198
Albo możesz wrzucić plik na jakiś serwer np. speedyshare.com
I podać w odp. link :)



1 Complete the second sentence so it means the same as the first.
1 Planes don’t move as fast as spaceships.
Planes move faster than spaceships.
2 My friend usually gets to school later than me.
I usually get to school earlier than my friend.
3 The Earth rotates more slowly further away from the Equator.
In Paris, France, the Earth rotates faster than in Bergen, Norway.
4 I expected the restaurant to be awful but it wasn’t that bad.
The restaurant was better than I’d expected.
5 It was such an interesting book that I couldn’t stop reading it.
The book was such interesting that I couldn’t stop reading it.
6 She was very surpised at how easy the exam was.
‘How an easy exam!’ she said.
7 I’ve never seen such a bad film.
This is the worst film I’ve ever seen.
8 The post office is closer to the bank than the market.
The market is far away from the bank than the post office.
9 The driving test was very difficult and she didn’t pass it.
The driving test was difficult she didn’t pass it.
10 They didn’t play football as well as they played basketball.
They played basketball better than they played football.

He drove fast. He had a crash.
He was driving so fast that he had a crash.
2 Her ideas were unusual. Nobody understood her.
Her ideas _were such unusual so nobody understood her.
3 They thought the films at the cinema were awful. They didn’t go.
They thought that the films at the cinema were awful so they didn't go.
4 Her job was tiring. She booked a long holiday.
She had such tiring job so she booked a long holiday.
5 The prices were high. She didn’t buy anything.
The prices _were such high so they didn't buy anything.

It's a old,brilliant car.
It's a blue American car light.
It's got big square lights.
It's got fantastic,comfortable,bright green seats.
It's got wonderful soft,leather seats.