Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continous.

1. Sasha (live) in Russia but at the moment he (stay) in France.
2.Fran usually (go) to the cinema with her friends at the weekend but this Saturday they (see) a play.
3.Matthew (catch) the bus to work in the mornings but today it (snow) very hard so he (take) the Underground.
4.Martha (clean) the flat on Sundays but this Sunday she (visit) her aunt.
5. Fred (think) of going to Porugal on holiday but he (hate) flying.
6.Ben (finish)work early, so he (meet) his friends for coffee this evening.

7. A: Where (you/go) now ?
B: Shopping. (You/want) anything ?
A: Yes. I (need) some envelopes.

8. A: Hi Jamie. (You/Wait) for someone ?
B:No, I (look) fir a taxi.
A: (you/want) me to drive you home ?

9. A: Why (your father/look) so tired ?
B: He (work) long hours.
A: What (he/do) ?
B: He is a doctor .

tekst do uzupełnienia present continous albo present simple .

The weather here is great. i (lie) on the beach right now with Susan. She (drink) an enormous glass of cold orange juice. The children (play) in the water and jane (watch) them.
We (stay) in a lovely room in a small hotel near the beach. We (get up) late every day and (spend) most of our time sunbathing. In the evening we (go) for walks along the waterfront before dinner. It is wonderful here ! I (look) forward to seeing you when I get home.

Pilne, proszę o szybką odpowiedz , dam naajj .



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Sasha lives in Russia but at the moment he stay in France.
Fran usually goes.....they see.
Mathew catch.... it snow..... he takes
Martha clean the flat.... she visit....
Fred think...... but he hates flying.
Ben finish....... meet