Volcanic Eruption

1) you will do it wen you don't agree - VETO
2) you can read it or get informations from it- BOOK
3) when you do everything what your parent's would like you are?-POLITE
4) it is green aln long vegetable- CUCUMBER
5) you can put it in your head when out side is cold- CUP
6) when you have a flue you must take - MEDICINE
7) it is wite fluid and you can get it from cow - MILK
8) this include plates,glasses,mugs- CROCKERY

9) tou can hold there portfel and many little thinks- POCKED
10) it is child whos don't have parents- ORPHAN
11) it is between bread and chesse in the sandwich- BUTTER
12) it's the most popular trousers-JEANS
13) husband your mother is your..- FATHER
14) you put it on your feet before you put boots- SOCKS
15) on it is your head- NECK